Monday, November 07, 2005

Fw: Today's Update

After months of "what should I do with this site" wondering back in the heartland, I have decided to update it on a regular basis again. I hope I can follow through.

I have been reading in the press about France and their problems with "Arab Youths" rioting. As some of you who have read my stuff before know, I travel extensively for a living (as an instructor) and watch my share of TV. These past couple of weeks, I was stranded in hotels without Fox News and was only able to get my news from the dreaded CNN. So, until the last couple of days, here is what I had learned about what was happening in France.

1. The whole thing started because the bad police chased some innocent teens in an area where some break-ins occurred. The teens killed were of African origin, CNN, reported. So I can be sure it is the stormtrooper police who are setting this thing in motion.

2. The town of Clichy-sous-Bois, (apparently, just a 'burb of NE Paris) has more that 28,000 immigrants, mostly African, and they live in "Soviet Style" housing. It's a Gulag! I can't figure out this hate for the French - I thought the liberal media loved them. How is America responsible? Suckas got to Know!

3. Though the so-called "youths" have shot at the cops and thrown rocks at them, "passions were ignited" when the cops shot a tear gas canister at them. It happened to go into a Mosque where the "youths" were shooting at the cops from. Sound Familiar?

4. France has an "equal opportunities" minister. Ok, Yikes.

5. The "youths" have a bit of a pyromaniac in them. They have set a lot of cars and buildings on fire. But CNN lets us know it's all because Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister, is fanning anger with his tough talk and tactics. Sarkozy had the gall to refer to the rioters as "scum" and "Rifraf". This is the first French dude I have ever liked!

6. Finally, on November 2nd, we find out that, yes, most of the riots are from "Muslim North Africa" Wow! I am amazed.

7. We find out the real room cause from ever vigilant CNN on November 5th. The riots are from Muslim Neighborhoods that have extensive poverty, unemployment and alleged discrimination. That's it! These thugs are burning cars, schools, and nursing homes, but it's all about the poverty. The unemployment rate in France overall is about 10%, but in these neighborhoods, it is like 25%. These poverty-stricken "youths", CNN reports, are eluding police by using fast cars, motor scooters and communicating with Cell Phones and email instant messaging.

8. The Union of French Islamic Organizations has called for calm and issued a Fatwa condemning the violence. Oh, Good! They have a fairly close alliance with Hamas. Does CNN tell us that? No.

9. The "death of love" has caused this. Thanks for that knowledge, CNN.

10. It's happening in Berlin now, and maybe Brussels too. Is Europe going to burn? CNN reports.

Is it civil war in Europe? Stay tuned. France has an 8% Muslim population - So it could blow. What will Tim Robbins think? Where will Shania Twain live?


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